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træce the daisy chains in the night

I’ve taken to embracing the darkness. It isn’t as cryptic as it sounds. There’s also the light, that most people opt for when they speak of good or some other discarnate intelligence. From what i’ve seen since my return from the underworld, my encounter with death, I couldn’t help but notice how most that strive to keep a foot in the light only do so out of fear. They fear this supposed punishment of eternal despair. This invokes savage behavior to do the right thing for the wrong reasons. A thirst for the coin is as good as thirst for wine, for it is a thirst in life. Wine isn’t something one should do alone and what good is your purse if you know naught what to do with it. When I embraced the dark of the night, it did not mean that I had shunned the embrace of God. Even the dark was the Gods’ doing. One big practical joke to measure those who knew God. The real light, is buried with the covers of darkness. When the veil of day is stretched over the sky, it does not mean the stars aren’t shining. If you think the last judgment hasn’t happened yet, you’re, quite literally, dead wrong. Your coins will serve you no purpose when the reign of a thousand nights begin to pour on the earth. You’ve nothing better to do than wait. At the pace some are going, I can discern no difference. The fact is is that you will die. But I choose to wait with wine and a strange profound kind of love you’ve never known. It’s really more simple than it is cryptic, but I think that simplicity is what terrifies most people.

You well not begin to live the life intended until you are willing to die, meet death, chat, and joke with them. The kind words of the departed souls whisper this to us in the wind. My eye was woken by these whispers, and I was born on May 31st of 2012.

I sincerely hope you can get to the table on time. from a basement on the hill. Knock us a kiss and let’s celebrate today because we’ve already spent too much time in coffee shops asking questions that never mattered. You’ll see what I mean when you follow that voice, neither I nor anyone else. The light comes to you just once and in a way only you can understand. The poets and the heretics of the past, speak the language of the gale, they are messengers that work for the pay of love. A love for you. I was skeptical about the femininity of the realization, however I was unable to seer anything higher in it’s stead.

To whom it may concern: my number is 5 and their name is Aeqerasias. æ is the mark on our door. And ”they can wait a little longer because we’re not finished.”
To whom it may concern: you know who you are if you got the message, find me, there’s more I have to show you. Please watch your step, you fool.

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Dear bitches,

I see all the things that my friends have become and say to myself that I could’ve been then too. my best thinking is done on the to of am empty parking garage where even cars dreams elsewhere. and I awe all the things that I could have been.
A fool is someone who doesn’t pay by the rules, and a rebel is someone who refuses to. The subtle difference falls victor into the hands that can discern the difference. Yet there is no salvation for the one that cannot name the factor that divides a fool from a rebel. And a rebel without a cause us the most foolish of all. but the rebel with a cause will never be glorified for that is his curse. His absolute salute to the king.

” suck it up!” ” everyone hates their job” ” no one had a good boss” … These are the words of the rebels that perpetuate the machine enslaving us all. Of course we don’t believe in the king when we think we’re each and everyone odd us a king.
I announce now that I am a royalist and perhaps a ronin, because I don’t believe in the clowns that tell us what they think the king has said. The king will speak when they speak, and we will know it when they do. So tell us one more time that or lives are soused to suck ass, and I will tell you that only you will suck the ass of your own words for eternity. That is the hell you have given yourself. Your tax returns only mean so much to the fool that laughs their ass off with the king.

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