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summae feeling

One must remember that if it is okay to be born, then it must be equally okay to die. I heard somewhere that the only question of any importance was whether to live or die. There isn’t a wrong answer unless you think there’s a right one. I’ve seen people that don’t exactly reap the benefits of being alive. I’ve seen dead people still alive through some medium or other. If one truly takes into account that birth and death, let that really sink, are alright then what is melancholy? What is fear? Then again, just over the other end of the simple spectrum -what is happiness? If life and death are okay, which end is truly the beginning?

Our bodies get new skin every 30 days. In other words we shed our skin every thirty days, but through some conditional circumstances we can live with upwards of 30 years of the mundane ways of living. Often passing the blame. Bitterly, even. But if nature bequeaths us new suits every 30 days, why do we feel shackled to the one way we are going. Don’t get me wrong, some of us may like the way we are going, but if you’re not living your life for others -your life doesn’t mean much. You just shed your skin like a snake and scavenge. Life without philanthropy is a slow death.

Linear time isn’t our friend, and we’re becoming dumber by the day. Everyone is simultaneously credible and incredible. We’ve begun to run out of things to say and have begun to repeat after each other. (i.e. cat memes, etc) The dead walk the earth, with this zombie infatuation the world has undergone. Wormwood chemtrails, influenza, west nile, menengitis and the great stink cloud of china. The strange ritual freak accident sacrifices of 6 year old children of the last few months. Egyptians and Syrians dissing the Days of Sacrifice by blowing shit up making brother Reaper work overtime. The Indian woman who couldn’t get an abortion because she was in Ireland dying of septacaemia from Rosemary’s baby. The president taking the credit holding the pen the rule all nations. The gangrape of an Indian student to make her the whore of babylon. That father that carved the pentagram into his sons back and said he had to shed innocent blood. The apple symbol is on everything little beast children have. The trumpet swans gathering in Alaska. The unmanned dragon fell into the pacific ocean, designed by spacex, sponsored by 33 fancy pants. The twin, towering witnesses died in brimstone and resurrected as twin beams of lights into the heavens. Ok computer, makin’ ties is all.

I’m nothing close to a doomsday evangelist bullshitist or a psycho conspiracy theorist. Or a guppie lightworker trying to trace the lineage of my soul. I’m not a pacifist, though I’m only good at being patient. I’m a regular man with a good old- fashioned American debt, no future, and am probably a phillistine this time around. A savage. But where honest reporters are lacking any conscience, I’m back and I’ve heard everything, and am telling you this because my employers in a dream I had said to. Today, I’m Samson I suppose, finishing out my sentence. Check my facts. If you know how, of course. Google search should help. Someone is going out of their way to make these things happen. (kinda did a 180 from the beginning of the post didn’t I. Never liked rules much.)

The one that that all the people who know the secrets to the universe is that they’re broken-hearted. With that being said, I’m fairly certain that few to none of you heard me. Few to none of you heard me. Imagine fearsome technology before your eyes.


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Oh, S.

I was young. Much younger, but in a way I was a much older than I was today. It wasn’t as though I had gotten dumber, but more so that I am able to see things with a fresh set of eyes. What do I see? Perhaps the error of my ways, as though I were a fickle harlot of a woman that want able to discern a good thing when it rested in my lap. But you know what, it didn’t kill us. In many ways we’re different people now, and are closer than we’ve ever been. Or spirit’s still have the same flavor, but i’m wrapped with flashier colors and with features that entice children at first glance. It’s nothing to make a big deal about because it’s what’s inside that counts. Better yet, it’s the symbolism of whatever it is inside and the way it makes us blossom at the wink of an eye that counts. I should have been better to you, that’s a given now, but is it really something to stop the world from spinning to melt with me over? You were always the strong one and deep down, I’m just someone you wanted to wear matching crowns with. Beneath the crowns, the ornaments, we’re two blinking lights in the midnight sky. Well, I’m the wayward ship. If you throw a tantrum, or if I do, we’ll just feel dumb about it later and do it all over again anyway. Let’s face it, babooshka, we want to be with one another. We ache for that feeling for only we can grant it to one another. Money, isn’t as necessary as I used to believe it was. What was really necessary, what was truly important and what was majestically magical, was the fact that we were, are and will always be the two parts to that single heartbeat. The most harmonized notes I’ve ever felt played. Even seen! Whatever you want to do, do it. I’m always going to be right behind you. But if you’re going to be with me, and we sort of wasn’t this to work- things are going to have to start changing. And ease up on the riddles, fancypants, I haven’t even touched my morning coffee yet. No more secrets. You know what I mean. And no more scarring the shit out of me, blockhead. Well, I know you like to keep me surprised, but ease up on me! I’m trying to keep up with you of all the assholes on this planet. But before I forget, I love you. I’ll be holding your hand and looking into your loving blue eyes as soon as I can scrounge up enough change for a ticket, but if you really can’t wait… Well, c’est la vie… Right? I was really looking forward to kicking ass with your connections, I’m being honest, but I know you’re a busy body, so go do what you gotta do! 🙂 you know where I’ll be. Sorry it took me so long, but you know how I shit question marks and snack on twinkies with innuendo fillings like there’s no tomorrow.

”I’ll do loss of things for love, but I won’t do that.” Rather, can’t. You’ll physicality have to marionette my muscles to do it. I’m not as ruthless as I used to be. (I.e. lessons learned. Well, I delegated my authority anywho but who’s keeping score?)

P.s. I’m out in the elements because I don’t even want to knock on my roommate’s door. Ily, jerkface.

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