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a blind person

how much abuse can i naturally take? i know we’re not together, but that doesn’t morally allow you to bang a bunch of dudes under the pretext of, “we weren’t together.” at least, that’s what i’m feeling now, since you just did a photoshoot with a guy yesterday where you were topless, and now you’re doing one with a senior from your college, while giving me one month before you officially allow me to come crawling back to you. excuse me for being so rash and thinking in terms of obviousness.

if this is a test of my trust in you, you’re obviously pushing it incredibly far, and no man can withstand the hurricane winds of that magnitude. perhaps you’re getting what’s due to you because of what i did, which implored you to give me a month before officially being with me again, so you;d have a month to explore or let others explore you. i won’t stand for it, i refuse to stand for it. except i’m incredibly feeble-hearted so i’ll probably crawl back to you anyway…

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