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two thirds of people in california are idiots

a few hours before work, i was researching random things, which was my usual routine, and came across this gem; “1 out of 3 students in california can read at grade level.” that’s not to say that the other two thirds can read above grade level. i’ll be the first to admit that i wasn’t raised with a conventional upbringing but two thirds is too many idiots to have in one state alone, in fact, i might’ve been a Colombian Druglord by now or at least Pablo Escobar’s right hand man. the movie Idiocracy starring Luke Wilson doesn’t seem so far fetched. expect the part where someone is cryogenically frozen and thawed several hundred years in the future with Mya Rudolph, but hey, i’ve been wrong before.

as much as i’d like to poke fun at this situation i can identify a sense of urgency when need be. so i signed up with http://www.readingpartners.org. they’ll be setting me up with a local school in three weeks so that i may help some kid one on one in discovering his/her passion of reading. my mornings will be devoted to these children, and hopefully it won’t be a mourning devoted to them not everyone can be lucky and be raised on books and movies. but when most of your peers can’t read 4 simple lines from “Finnegan’s Wake,” you’re compelled to do something about it.

if anything, my morning’s would have been wasted fueling my mild alcoholism. self discoveries can be made at 9 in the morning depending on what’s in your glass at that time.


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