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Love tween the sheets

You’re angry now that my words are louder than your excuses. They were better when I was around and now you can’t find new and clever ways to take a walk on the wild side with a paddle board in your hand. Feeling a little lonely? You’re the lover that’s lost its way and found themselves in mediocrity, and its killing you that I don’t haver the drive to care anymore. Maybe its not mediocrity, maybe you feel how empty it is. Living rich and grand don’t matter if you don’t have am emergency contact you’ve earned. Sorry contestant, monty and daddy atte default. I warned you I would stop caring if you continued not to. And its happened, so don’t bother me and cease the meddling you do in my head and heart; it’s giving me hiccups. You’ve too many chances and blown it every time, now jump in someone elses grave. Your name isn’t written here anymore. Your hauntings don’t scare me anymore. The brunette ghost was the one that I would’ve died for, just to haunt with. In death, even she had a soul.

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