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Metaphoric Fecies

Emotional offsets always have two values. A face value and a beneath-the-surface value. Reactions to the face value will always be first and foremost, however, the second, will always be a driver for pessimism. Only because people are filled with metaphoric fecies and through time and time again, it has been proven. not a single smile goes unquestioned.

but that doesn’t mean i’m a pessimistic person in nature. it just means i play the same game you play, and raise you a ten.

i don’t think i speak for myself when i say, i don’t trust anyone. there exists a few select people in my life worthy of trust. one of them being the dumbest person i know, in fact, the one’s i trust are the among the the lowest forms of intelligent life. the rest are clever like foxes, striving and caniving to feed their egos and self preservation.

does that mean something? when the intellectual are more dangerous that the “huh, what does that mean,” bunch?

unfortunately, the intellectuals or even fasade intellectuals are where i have my mental stimulations.

Ive come to the conclusion, youre an idiot, but so am i.

I've come to the conclusion, you're an idiot, but so am i.

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