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Slaughterhouse Six

I hope I’m not crazy for being the only one who thinks love has become endangered, borderline extinct. Well, I can’t speak for other cities or states besides LA and California. There was a time when one was lucky to fall in love, a time when we didn’t think one unlucky for being in love. You’ve seen it, and we all know you’ve secretly thought to yourself, “poor bastard.” When they say history repeats itself, it’s precisely this that proves the futility of this hopeful though indignant/indulgent plight. If you kill a man, make sure he doesn’t have any connections. Via heartache or on a literal basis. When they killed Jesus, they didn’t think about who his Dad was did they?

On the subject of history repeating itself, it, inadvertently resembles time-travel, a volition of statistics, and an accurate hypothesis of what happens next etc. What I mean is if you can time-travel, then you can already expect the worst to happen, which means you know a piece of the future and can do something to avoid it, right? However, humans are silly, and we all secretly think we’re the one person in history that can rebuke our fate. If there’s one thing time-traveling can teach you, it’s that your intellect can, at the least, make your love-life bearable. Settle for less, or settle for reaching for the dream. Yes it sounds terrible, but which part of modern love can you think of that isn’t adjective of terrible? (Besides the beginning, because we all know that’s the best part. Ironically it gets you so high, that you can only roll down the hill afterwards.)

(This post brought to you through countless counseling sessions hosted by yours truly. The end result, you can only become a better version of you in order to combat the reality, [which is the current you.])

“Hang in there! You know things are gonna get better before you can do this all over again!”

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a blind person

how much abuse can i naturally take? i know we’re not together, but that doesn’t morally allow you to bang a bunch of dudes under the pretext of, “we weren’t together.” at least, that’s what i’m feeling now, since you just did a photoshoot with a guy yesterday where you were topless, and now you’re doing one with a senior from your college, while giving me one month before you officially allow me to come crawling back to you. excuse me for being so rash and thinking in terms of obviousness.

if this is a test of my trust in you, you’re obviously pushing it incredibly far, and no man can withstand the hurricane winds of that magnitude. perhaps you’re getting what’s due to you because of what i did, which implored you to give me a month before officially being with me again, so you;d have a month to explore or let others explore you. i won’t stand for it, i refuse to stand for it. except i’m incredibly feeble-hearted so i’ll probably crawl back to you anyway…

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