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cleanliness is also next to deathliness

Living amongst 4 persons in their mid 20’s who had not been coerced into their adulthood through an irredeemable loss, has but revealed many truths about life. One of which, is the fact a pedant innocence follows them no different than that of a shadow that follows a figure. I would not have been able to discover this had it not been for the advent of my 25th birthday, when I decided to clean our kitchen.

It’s aesthetic design was not of marble but of white, as a kitchen normally is. The darker streaks on walls and counters were not apart of the original floor plan. They were stains and smears of filth and foolishness, admittedly, I may have been guilty of as well. I scrubbed with fury and obsessiveness, as I would when trying to convince a woman of my love for her. Fury and obsessiveness only works when cleansing it seems, and within the same amount of time. Five nights. It cost me five nights to learn how much more I loved my mother than I showed, as love can only be proven, never shouted.

I had always looked at my upbringing with disdain because my kitchen, let alone the rest of the home, was ever filthy. Beyond my wonder, I could not see why my mother could not keep it clean. A mother of three boys. I did my part in excelling scholastically, and kept out of trouble, even keeping out of social situations which caused most troubles in youth. A sacrifice to me. All my mother had to do was go to work at sunrise till about an hour before the boy’s bed-time. Dinner was then started, and the filthiness of the kitchen was sustained.

After becoming a quarter of a century old, I cleaned my kitchen. A kitchen that has sustained a year and a half of belligerent batteries. I have suffered an irreparable loss. I have not uttered a single solemn word of inconvenience. I have realized the insufferable child that I was. We spend our lives in preparation of many things, but never could quite accurately appreciate a person regardless of the ample opportunities. If there’s at least one bit of goodness I may impart upon the blind few it is this: clean your kitchen to your standard and take a second look after 5 days, it well show you the things you take horribly for granted in life, in honest euphemism.

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