i come here to throw the things swimming in my subconscious into a well. my focus on topics are all over the place because i have no focus. i did a decade ago when i first started this blog, though the blog then was about the yearnings of the heart. young and swept into the gutters of romance.

ten years later along with the transitions into adulthood, my aims have changed. my spirit is both weathered and tempered and far too old for this body. redlining your youth makes your spirit age in dog years, and i’ve nearly run out of things to look forward to.

visit a new venture i’m attempting. well, it’s that book i always said i was gonna write.

6 responses to “well

  1. I felt a twinge of sadness when I first met you, and I especially felt it the second time I met you. After reading your blog I understand why. Now I just want to hug you. Kisses on your face, Hugh!!!

  2. hughmanfarm

    eeesh, perhaps i should reconsider my content?

  3. Catherine Meyers

    Hello Hughman,

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  4. I would love for others to enjoy it, but if be terrified if they started sharing my interests. I’m not too familiar about howe the blog world works, but it seems like this boiler be a very neat opportunity!

  5. hi. i think the only thinking pulling you is your delusion of an audience. but now you know you never did it for them. it was always for yourself and they kicked you around to unhinge you, but virtues don’t lie in staying the same, unmoved, unabated, neither do they lie in exasperated team work. maybe everyone’s afraid to be all they can be, because savoring a moment is just another way of saying hang in there! i’m you from the future. taking a break now. hu(gh)mor changes over time but are stamped and dated, but potty jokes are timeless, mozart. look fondly forward 2, poophead.

  6. there was a presence and a bridge. Well, look at yourself. “this is all for you.” they sang when you cried and shook. weirdo.

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