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the cry

would never ask a person to do somethinge i wouldn’t do. it’s an old, honorable king’s saying, but it’s kinda true. but i kinda got the jist of it. new times, new age.

let’s be honest, (if you was a lady or lord, in modern day terms means rich and okay),  you’d be split. if you knew someone, they’d be spared.

the thing is, you need turmoil, and blood. So give us that. Yeah, turn in your children and your bastards. It will be disgusting and disgraceful. but it will e prepare them for a world of war.

unsettled, i say this, the most quiet man will gain His bounty, the man that say the least.

the anger of a thousand son peaks.

and it speaks nothing of these names.

all are welcome.

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i fought demons, not my own, but they were in the party mix. i fought yours too, for your goddamn honor and ya relay that back to me like it was a bad badmitton match. i fought lions, through two city lengths! and a few dragons that didn’t want to know if they were on my side or yours. but to be fair, i didn’t have a side. i fought just to fight. when the tendrils are up against your thought, metaphorically, literally, or euphemistically, you wonder. you wonder what the hell you were fighting for. for honor, or some semblance of a type of honorability? that’s not a word. fuck it. fuck that word. what it does tell me, is that me, this poor old sapling of no importance fought for you. does it matter? does it matter in the real world. i honestly don’t know, and could not give more than a fucking concern. however, i did fight for you, and my concepts didn’t come to me about you not caringthat it did come to me correctly.

you don’t care if there’s a savior. you really don’t care about your situation. you don’t gve a fuck about the things happening to your friends because it isn’t happening to you. you feel free because they are not attached to you. rightfully. you give less of a fuck, if at all, if it just happens to people you know. around your bubble. satisfying, yes? i’d say so. i would so hard, say so. but, here’s the thing; your ass is suckered into it. i don’t know ow else to tell you this but, everyone you’ve ever wronged, been unkind to, and worse, are just attached to you as they you’ve been kind, generous, and self-less with.

we’re a leeching species and we attach ourselves not by will, but by disdain. disgust even. it will follow you like a long shadow in the dark and cold night. but we will be there. we are already dead, and we live. but the more you deny us, the more the ‘pangs’ will hurt. but we will be heard. Your only saving grace is that voice in the back of your feeble little mind that tells you, everyone is important.

on a side note, brauty is in the eye of the beholder. which means, to me, your perception is king. so yeah, you can win if your cold, cutting, and careless; but if you’re human, you cannot.

(personally, i know i can’t win. but this is a truth i learned only after dragging myself through the underworld and back to this unforgiving plane. the truth is, it’s up to them. the viewers of this sick and sad and sweetass show.)

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wen the levee breaks

mark 30 good years being a nice guy. always held the door, always let you go ahead of me. even sold my soul for a tuna sandwich and gave half of it away. what happens when a chump like that collects? for our sake, i hope karma is a real thing. i will gladly share my bounty with you. but for my sake, i hope you enjoyed making your bed around me. because the thing is, i really am the most gentle man, and kindness was rare in it’s reciprocation. but i smiled. what happens when the most gentle man, holding back the anger of ten thousand suns snaps? when the levee breaks.

it feels like people have been waiting for me, like they’re tired of the nice guy routine. but it’s not a routine. i don’t know what it was. maybe a job. if karma is horsecockery, then it’s a non-paying job. maybe i took the job to keep others from taking it, being a kindly man. i guess i’m babbling, but i’m retiring soon.

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it’s only a paper moon

the things that bother a person about other people only weighs down the person it bothers. the complaint itself is a reflection of what a person doesn’t like about themselves, therefore comes around. the more intensely something about someone else is denied, the heavier it is, and guess what, you’re the only one it sinks. you scold your own shadow. for instance, i didn’t like the injustice that happens to good people, yet i couldn’t say that i didn’t like injustice that happens to bad people, which in itself ain’t just. i was an unjust person complaining about injustice, and it only showed how dishonest i was. only to me. tangible things have a way of manifesting physically as i often got lied to. however, with more intangible things like emotions, i.e. i didn’t like how unlucky i was in life, but i also didn’t acknowledge how lucky i really was. how sad i was vs. how happy i didn’t believe i was- these things that affect only you are able to be chosen. it’s hard to do on paper, but much simpler than you’d like to believe in practice. when it comes to you, running away from negative aspects that are there, won’t get you very far. (i have this recurring dream of running from something scary, but no matter how hard i ran, i never made it anywhere.) avoiding it weighs you down, and you won’t even know you did it. same goes with the positive aspects. one of those is near invisible to you, doesn’t matter which. but ignorance of at least one doesn’t mean it isn’t there, it’ll only hurt you out of the blue. that’s how a depression begins, and it’s a funnel.

we’re so used to being put down and putting others down that we can overlook the good qualities about ourselves and in others. sometimes it feels good when we’re being downers and when we’re downed and that should already be cause for concern. it’s feeling good through negative means, and we just perpetuate it all around, not even batting an eyelash at the cost. of course that doesn’t mean you can’t joke around with others that are doing it with you. joking around often helps point out the things about you that you didn’t catch but that’s because there wasn’t any malicious intent. i do it plenty myself, and get it done to me often enough to know it helped in the long run. being truly mean also works too, but that’s a hard fall to recover from especially if neither side wants to apologize first. i’m not going to tell you how to treat others, that seldom works but i will implore you to treat yourself how you want to be treated first. i don’t think you need mantras or self help books, dumb people (like ME) simply don’t understand how much power we really have, and could use all the help i can to remind me to be kind to myself before i can truly be kind to others. (i do sort of read self help stuff because it’s really hard for me to be honest to myself. Making the effort is only the scariest thing, to see i’m actually capable. it’s a strange thing to familiarize myself with.)

treat yourself honestly, and accurately, and in turn you’ll reach someone, and that’ll transpire further, like a cancer. you can have doubts about that. the tiniest things we do for ourselves than to ourselves may not seem like a big deal on paper, but i’m sure that in time you’ll realize just how mammoth it really is. you can have doubts about that, too. It means nothing if you refuse to see how your world reflects you. I don’t know too many people that really wants to see what they really are. me included. I simply want to earn being called a human. it’s something most people i know of take for granted. it’s something earned. I know i’ll never be the most awesome human being, but like i said, making the effort is the hardest part… but i might come close. why not give the world something good to reflect, even if it’s just for your eyes only. try it, because you’ve already tried the other way. if it don’t work, go back. but don’t estimate yourself, though, nobody needs to do that. you can if you want, but eh.

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Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe

so i have this theory that we hurt women when we objectify them in the ways that we do. even the little things us men do when we lust after them or look at them like pieces of meat. and of course, when we masturbate to them. i’m guilty of course. we do it all because it’s simple to be dog-brained. eat the whole piece of bacon rather than to appreciate the bacon. not that there’s anything wrong with dogs, they’re wonderful creatures, but impatient. it’s an unattractive trait most people have, and is dealt with through patience. these are traits that women don’t have. i don’t mean girls, because becoming a woman is a TON of work. they, excuse me, but really put the ass in class. So my theory is that on some ethereal level, our mindsets can really affect things in our universe, like there’s a war of balance and it can manifest from the very things we think. it’s whites vs blacks, dogs vs cats, and ultimately men vs. women. Why is it that in all our history books, the root of evil come from man? why was it never said to start with women.

well for the simple fact that i’m not talking literally about men and women. As you can tell, we’re people, and the fight for equality and balance goes beyond that of the physical. Women have always represented the creative spirit, the wisdom and grace of life. while men are really more attributed towards more chaotic and destructive powers. when parents have sons, they want them to be powerful and great in life, but with daughters, seldom does that mindset apply. we want our daughters to be happy and to discover love. we of course want the best for our children. but in this world, we often forget some parents don’t have both. the simple event of not having causes strong feelings to stir. and somehow along our human timeline, we attributed heroism with masculinity. and heroes are looked up to. but behind every fighting man is a woman. i mean that in the sense that even men can have this creative spirit, wisdom and grace of life. But in my instance, I forget that and hold myself to an ideology that has perpetuated itself into the imbalance we see in the news, in our neighbors, in our countries. even the earth is getting warmer. again, for all intensive purposes, i didn’t mean men vs. women, but the charge that accompanies those simple words. we have to remember to think with our wisdom filled brains than to think so simply with our penises. and yes that applies to women too because thinking with your penis simply means you’re not thinking of the other side of the argument. hmmm, maybe i should’ve started with that instead of dragging you through that, that men and women thinking with more base and carnal thoughts trims away our humanity. of course this is just a theory, you’d have to believe you were a real human being with many facets in and about your life that you care about.

I used to say the trick to life is to not care, but that’s not true. not caring is escaping that little thing that’s harder for us to do. and it’s to come to terms with how cold we can be sometimes. we’re human, we fuck up, and then we put on a tough face, because we’re tough. but secretly, i think we’re a little more than human, because we feel it in our guts that it isn’t right to be so cold to someone else. sometimes we feel like it isn’t fair that we have to put on a tough face because we’re mistreated. why can’t justice be fast, exact, and direct! what the F*(&E)(#(&#$*&!!! -well, ladies and gentlemen, i redirect you from here back to what i said about patience. The strongest display of patience i’d seen, and not many have really brought up, probably because we’re jerks, is… and i don’t wanna sound like a hippie but i will, is mother Earth. think about it. she has put up with our crap for millenias, and just had this, kids will be kids attitude. but check it out, and you can be as blind as you will but if you don’t see her getting pissed and up to her limits with us and our bickering… if you don’t see how things are going awry in the solar system and maybe even the milky way…. then you better ask yourself whether or not you want your own children to treat you the way you treat her. you’re all a buncha dicks, really, but it doesn’t have to be this way. it starts with a thought. and she’ll know. she’s your mother.

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stuck in the middle with you

martyr’s are silly gooses. dying for what one believes in and itself is a selfish act because it doesn’t include everyone. if the world is your enemy why alienate yourself further with a religion that excludes many. life itself is a religion and in that we are all together. i spent a majority of of conscious life trying to bind everyone together whether through a mutual belief or through a mutual pain, and what i found is simple. no one will be happy. everybody is much to stern on the things they believe than to be more like the one thing that binds us. even the things unseen. water, fluidity. the ability to be a simple river stream and that same ability to be a hurricane. if the word of god is in the wind, then it is ever changing for every individual. moral ethics is but another channel that restricts us. for example, i am kind, but in order for me to be kind to all i must include myself. and in this world where the world begins with each individual, you must serve yourself. like that dude jesus said, he  won’t help those who won’t help themselves. and that’s just the jumping off point. once you learn how to live your life without the expectation of being judged, then you are living. we keep scores on ourselves and we hurt when something happens that’s undeserved. everything is deserved, and your freewill dictates how deserved something is.

this life is a song, and all the little things and people in our lives both big and small are instruments and notes. it’s your song, so let it play for you, in all your awful glory.

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and from the beginning.

whoa that’s impressive. i didn’t think you could do that, you really went ahead and shut us right up with your wfeat of rebellion. you understand law is law right? just is just. don’t worry, it isn’t like the public court system. it’s better, unfailing and has never ended in disappointment. even you’ll feel it is correct. you see, you’ve done everything that’s been planned out for you to do. you’re whole existence. and you followed every step of our rhythm, obediently. i’ll admit, there were times where i thought, ‘oh shit, i think she’s gonna do it it,’ and then you didn’t. phew. a sigh of relief was had by all. if it makes you feel any better, we were all betting on you to lose. ALL of us. that’s why hope was never released from Pandora’s box, you could say. Any notion of hope you had in life was plotted to make you believe you had hope. And it’s no fun if you don’t believe you had hope. and it’s no fun if you don’t ‘believe’ there was a chance you could win this game. sure, you might think it was no fun knowing exactly what would happen, what you would do, but it isn’t hard to know what a wind up toy will do.

we just wound you up and let you run your course. and now, it is done. there’s no use in trying to fight us, we’re deeple rooted in you. all the deceit you worried about having to keep your guard up constantly, that was a constant, and therefore a part of your nature. going in easy to let you feel safe, building you up to make you feel a warmth, and then letting smacking you down in an instant leaving you in a mess of your own chaos as if the world was ending. not only that, but you let us do it to you time and time again. we soaked up all your emotions like a sponge it was so exciting. you who are beyond prideful and are only in service to yourself. you never wanted to help others. you only pretended, just to trick others into thinking you were a goodly person. but it annoyed a little you every time you did something good. you can’t lie to us, we see through you. as we’ve said everything you see if around you. all those others you thought could help you was just us playing different people. it was so obvious. anyway, i’ll just pull out the sword quickly. no i won’t. i spent a long time planning this and i’ll be darned if i’m not going to enjoy this. i’d like to offer my condolences to everyone just tuning in, but here (s)he is. the little soteiro you’ve been waiting for. and again, he loses for everyone. he’d cry if he could but he hasn’t had a heart in a long time. not in the sense you think, he never had one in the beginning. because he’s a figment of my imagination, and so are you all. nobody’s real.
the wheels spin and the souls from on and on and on look on in silence. not one whimper, and not one gasp, and not a single tear was shed. not for the end of that pitiful soul. but for respect, adoration, and love of her. they knew she had lost and that nothing could be done, but they knew that she had known all along she would lose. they all knew she didn’t think she would win, her thoughts were never her own. they knew she didn’t believe in her heart she would win for it was fact she had no heart to begin with. they sat in silence, unmoved because in the last few moments she was conscious of what was happening, she had KNOWED she was going to lose. they all KNOWed. there was nothing unknown by anyone for that brief moment. and as short it was for her at the moment, that brief moment where all was known to the all knowing, skipped a beat. she for the first time, didn’t know what to think. simply waited. not for a hero. no, she knew better. she waited… and waited… and waited… until she took a dump. she woke up to find it wasn’t a bad dream. it wasn’t a good dream. it was just something she saw when she woke up. and she smiled.

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