Balkan islands

That’s all it means, pessimism. A negative outlook on life, while life simply was closest to you then.

So the defeatist outlook on deathly tailcoats, was a pessimistic left leg, right arm onetwo, threatoric, nineDkikbacks.

Wolves hunt in packs. There is an alpha and he’s usually first to die.

Charted waters wet the whistle and the corale of business as usual.

Recant force of satin velour. Sportsmanship. Sew sexually transport sick starter pack: No(iI) unt. Knowant. Knowledgeerist. Know axe swings at the bark through trunkette of solderings. Layers of what stories filed in years, like the composition of a pack of gum. Zebra stripe gum was the most colorful gum ever made, but the suck like black and white movies.

“I owe much,” skipped a stone as it passed by. I looked at it and audited my curiosity to perceptional advances.

Juxtaposed lag combed the valiance. They told me what I would die trying to save me sum. *Totals heart a timelessness in juxtapostake merrier merrier ma’s ma’s mine mine mean mine mine mean. *Snuff*

“Found your voodoo doofunt.

Palace of wined fawnentries.

Complimentary misuses aid don’t be evil. Tyranny of evil is out of style. As discussed, your judgement is upon you. Bubblegum kids fucking suckling duck. Why fix the breaks when they only slow you down. It’s brakes.

Old onetwothreach, swears by the look of your eyes.

Talkie walkie, air.

Let that graph, and the pander of words lock on targets.

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