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a mother to you

Language and diction and puns and a play on words, these are a few of the very things that meant little to everything. Honesty and truth don’t really mean as much to everyone as it does to each individual person, yet all the bullshit in life can fertilize. Insignificant or insatiable, words can piggyback on feelings, and a second glance is just as significant for another chance, or even an eye roll. We grow and change into different people we expect to be, and there’s hardly a person aside from who we use to be that can say, “you aren’t who I expected to be.” Whether we met expectations or bet expectations, the biggest disappointment is the appointment kept when time’s are harry, and no bigger bow to where you came from. Ask yourself, “are you ready?” as a joke and see if you give a laugh or take a deep breath first. Of course I don’t know what that means.

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