Contemporary Buttplug Art

minor love. big things, little things. superficial things, deeper things. goofy things, and serious things. I forgot about all those things until i met an accomplice. it’s almost like i could give a shit again. this other person, some fucking wierdo making me do all these crazy things like baking cakes and waking up early on purpose… the artistry and thing about buttplugs are that you can own one, but it’s how you use it that radiates you. Kinda like a heart, except everyone knows hearts only pump blood and if you do anything to hearts, you probably paid for it like a chump. We need to work on our relationships with our buttplugs. We already know it’s there and is very capable and ready, but we don’t always put our buttplugs into things we’re doing. Sometimes, it just sits there on the nightstand by your glasses or tucked away in the drawer with your drugs/illegal jewelry or like me, set it on the kitchen table beside the cornucopia because who ever uses it?

You forget everything you’re used to now, when you’re in love and start doing weird shit like baking cakes and waking up early on purpose. And minor loves once tired are alive again, like the second coming. I don’t talk Jesus/love stuff, at all so I talked about buttplugs instead. You know, because nobody remembers what hearts do, like like buttons, and errrrrbody talkin’ ’bout love in that knowitall whatevs way and it’s giving the stuff i don’t talk about a bad rep.

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