, from another time

The perils of falling through a premature interdimensional wormhole that paralleled the imminent emerging dangers that would to befall soon. In a place like a sandbox world, where dreams pass by nightmares and the natural processes of daily life spill trickling through morning dewdrops on the greenest leaves, blue soothing sky, and a moon made layer of soft sorrows, upheld tomorrows, and a couple of missing nuts. Little nothing noted knots narrowing his spine where he hadn’t noticed before. Gashes, smashes and holey scars were like the branches and trunk. Not a thing of sea nor sun nor space hushed in between, ‘just a little left behind’ from somehow else, some son of a clock.

Where my steps are heavy like they pull heavy chains and my very thoughts of joy or her fairer tales may bring a soft, ‘hello,’ -they are swatted down like southern-west birds. It cawed with a whistle in memory and in thought eschewed. Wriggled bound this or that when this black wind mooned over this morning.

my death was a wail (moby dick ref.)
my life was a choke
my coming was my wife
low and idle hanged
in a knuckle eye rung
quickened trim, rolling dung
of pinky’s fanciful funk
shavey bushes gaudy, germ
slingshot eris’ 1/3 cherub
lockets’ ends eerie wank
for they are hardt, xoxo, ❤
wanted to laugh like mom today, she was making something. made me feel simply mad that i’d gone on this long, without a point.
i go, my goal, you’ll go, and i’ll go, so go,….. nggo,,.:.:^!#%

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