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corhs l’na

boundaries and a load
ed grenade launcher
blanks, tiny little globes
spring ejection
tiny fuse, decoy
saw in slow motion
the quiet of my rage
momentum thrown with better thoughts
ones noted
ones afleet
ones that go anywhere else
drowns when sprinkling

that silent hushing
to say nothing of it, for hitting all the worser
thoughts, before i start to jog
then, count my change
to! for! AND! er, or!

push through short straws
libations. cause expecting someone
at the end.



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circumvent brakecrimp
plutonium pisto
gat o poke
spanky edge feelings to more turbate

no idea what the note says,
don’t know my ‘f’s in cursive
knotted typos mispels
timid not shy, oOoOOooh shiny,
timid charge up madlibs
shy, barely, rile
breathe of water inf.

springs wonders of a fountain
olive trees cold pressed extra virgin oil
oilspills drift volcanic ash and lavalands rise
clearwater springs,

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