weird thought

…if while like silly thoughts that attempted. Is it just ticking by or those wasting or killing or for what expressions may? left like a cog so like the one that fits right in the grand scheme wants of (things) the poetic innovative ways combo and who am i reallys. Now. Movements, role models… someone else to chime in with an ‘i don’t know either…”

you waited at a crosswalk once, trying to cross the street. Nothing big, just a moment from pressing a button and waiting. Just another way to belittle in a… -all of a sudden it’s like winds blown by the… (belittle as in a humbling)

in such a backwords, lessons my dear
and you surrounded by an impending
something along steering,
a whimper, an echo, a something with a
it’s hard to be when you,
try from, i
Not like trying to win
to win
and next to look like
the discourage
admit you are
It isn’t what you meant,
because you have this,
weird thought

when I come back to laugh, and help out is my signal.


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