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rad rapings. somewhere roaches were flung at someone. ‘well said’, he quieted.

global warming meant spicy, like hot sauce, not bikini’s. unless you mean bikini atol, cause it’s gonna get hot all cool. nookie winter is coming. i think it’s just code for the 1 percent to run and take cover. a head start.

so people dying, shootings, satanic variety hour these days. i was trying to write about apples and oranges and accidentally shot through time, to understand subatomic molecular transducing, my strange sex life, and boobies. like the great seals of approval, we got navy seals and seals for the gates of hell. (i try to avoid saying hello sometimes, so i say the f word.) A pink nimbus lingered once and crabs. I talk with people from another day, we flirt. and boom. we always knew the end was near, it was a thing mentioned fondly. i made a conductor wand from parts of excaliber and found an old boot that was in a russian soup once. it was like a countdown. i caught things. i used to run from things because i didn’t give a shit. i’m doing that better. so a strange sexlife can one day be avenged he guessed, heheh. the dorkier i get, the less joy you’ll have eating my dust. i smiled many times today. yaaaay! muster bait. grazi, it was cute of you to try. 8bit megaman was still schooling me on plasma bursts and rush his dog and roll, his cute sister. he ate his enemies and jacked their shit. eat, merge, obtuse tango. omitochondria electrons flat7up crescendo comin in too fast. -from stacata steps of a goofier nonsense. fencing, parrying, countering. he wasn’t good at blocking.

it’s all about the ass. and i mean another thing. i remember an arrowhead to¬† goddess nike and a redcopper penny. my first crush from this line. inch off the tips of her hair around midnight everynight.

lasers!! they shot me with lazers from their mock boobies! he edited later.

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