Let me tell you about eggs. I spent 2 months sleeping. I went to bed at 7pm. I’d wake up close to noon, maybe later. I had migranes, never had migranes before. I got them from sleeping. Everybody loves talking about sleep.

When I was out of bed i rode a bicycle. I rebuilt it, speedy red color. I cycled because I needed a reason to get out of bed because of migraines from sleep. I didn’t cycle far, my muscles were getting used to it. I’d be at the pond writing, just so i could spend time somewhere other than in my bed. I tried to get home by bedtime. Aside from suicide this was the best I could disappear from the world.

but eggs. white, brown, organic or not don’t matter. Skillet, Spatula, eggs, skillet, and some milk.

Whisk eggs with milk
pour the eggs into the HOT skillet slowly scrambling simultaneously. It cooks the eggs faster.
Give the eggs a little brownness from the oil
and the milk will have made the eggs really fluffy

Try green onions next time if you liked it. Taking the time to cook a couple of eggs in the morning is my advice to anyone that wanted to try rebuilding their life again. middle-aged, down on cash and don’t have any friends you can think of calling… get the eggs, asshole! We gotta fix you, fast!

Take the time and care to cook some really good looking eggs and then cleaning up before you eat. And that’s how you’re going to rebuild your ship, sailor. Remembering to tidy up the loose things on and around your world, you’d look like you were dancing and fixing your life.

Because I know that world you’re left in, sitting on a plastic lawn chair after turning down suicide. My first thought with the hammer in my hand was, “well, i just spared my own life.” I didn’t know what I was going to do with the hammer anyway. But how do you use a second chance like that. Probably retrieve all the notes. And cook a couple of eggs. I call ’em Pardon Eggs.



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