spry lil fella

why are you so glum? people out there need an eyesight like yours. not within, or without but one that can see all sides, and you choose to be dark and melodramatic with your perspective. you think there’s a market for it? don’t be dense. you may have stated your last post like it was an expert piece of perspective, but the thing is, everyone already knows it. being called things like ahead of our time or born in the wrong decade can never be applied to us again, and we were the last generation to hear that before it got drowned out. now it’s fixed and hourly. you can go through an entire months’ worth of emotions and the places they’ll take you in less than half an hour these days. you’ll feel empowered for a brief 15 if ya catch it, and can see how your former encouragement leads you right back to where you’re gonna pick it up tomorrow. the one person with an eyesight like yours.

yet, you do it all again the next day, thinking this day, of all days, will be that day. as if you’ve been led into your own booby-trap not being able to tell where it begins and where it ends. thank goodness you have a child legit or not. they get to dance in the wake of your achievements and you don’t know how a necktie works.

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