i’m staying in a little spot tucked away in a yellow-hued suburbia. here i float round the hours of a clock doing this and that and that and this. they’re all things i’m supposed to do anyway. the exciting days are the ones where i have to run a new errand. i love running errands. it’s like they cough up a template of me, and i just pick the words want to fill in the blanks. people like me go to the grocery store, the… uh… well before i go to the other errands i must go to. nutrition is key. and my other errands, they remind me of who i am as an individual and summarizes how much more different i am from you. my day is divided into shifts for the different parts of myself and the maintenance of all my parts keeps in line. i am all twelve hours, yet it bothers me when they only see a single hour of me at a time. bothered me for some time. “i’m just like you!” i shout with everything i do.

but just like the ticks of each second, there i sit and sit not.

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