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red spring

i don’t know how the deal works, as i’m sure many before me had no idea how the deal worked. we were given enough to believe, but not enough to say no thank you. That’s the thing about us puny humans isn’t it? that we’re so gullible, so easily lead along. it isn’t the faith that the baddies wanted to rupture, the faith was always there, it was a matter of which way to tilt the faith. that’s where the money was. kinda like knowing a horse was gonna run bad before the rider knew it was gonna. it’s just business, we’ve been doing this a long time, they surmise. and they have.

atheists, you have it easy. i like ya, but you’re that friend that’s gonna come back asking for notes of that lecture that don’t mean anything. and vice versa. i get it. everyone gets it.

science is not the top tier of knowledge. it’s like saying seeing is believing.

name one example where what you saw was NOT what was actually happening. just one. there’s a demographic here e’erbody been ignorin’.


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