the increase of carbon monoxide is connecting us to the spiritual world. the rise of all these spiriual gurus, schizophrenia, depression, denials of depression and pushing through it all day by day. i’ve been wanting to connect spiritual studies with science, and that will happen one day. i keep making ties and sure they could be proven wrong one day, but you can’t ignore the numbers.

treat your body right, or as best you can, where you live right now probably can’t avoid the (CO). observe, asses, change or adapt or adjust. i’m not saying there ISN’T a spiritual world, but we’re inching closer in our time, which is strange. the veil is thinning and it’s hard to hide. we’re so reluctant to listen. nobody wants to change the books on it cause it makes humanity nervous. powers that be tremble at the thought of losing control. well, if you struggle with wondering whether or not you’re losing your mind, you’re halfway there. so what’ll it be? chaos? work together? immovable object vs. unstoppable force. i just wanted to know everything so i can make better jokes, but sometimes i get these flashes of humanity and i wanna say something in an offhand way to inspire. mostly i just want to laugh.

the thing is, i never want to hurt anyone. if i seem cruel at times, it’s because i’m helping you to see the different sides. your open mind lets you reason, and if you give up that, if you stop laughing, i’ll just have to go away.

78 different organs in the human body, 13 categories, 5 bosses. There’s a whole universe within you. figuratively, too.


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