dat prestige, tho

i want to apologize these days for being so flippy floppy. but it’s like my mind isn’t my own anymore. sublet-ed by out-dated ideas and the current social need for survival in all its grandiose illusions. honestly, i’ve tried really hard, (but not hard enough you f*ckin’ pussy)  to end it all. i think i’m just more curious than suicidal, and if that won’t cause the end of your world by accident, then you don’t know me. i’m the king of heartbreak. but only in the, oooooh that’s funny after a stretch, but the rest of us are grinning because, of course! 

i like the end of the world scenarios. however it happens. the ekpyrotic one, the simulation one, the universal engine one- and i’m not saying it in a way that i’m just ready for everyone including women and children to just cease, but in the way that’s more like, I get itEveryone wants to live. imagination is as close to reality as you can dream. but there’s a trick. of course i don’t have proof. if i had proof, do you really think this conversation would be happening?

you can read this all in the book i’m probably not going to write, becoming a god, for dummees. what day is it today? 3/28/17. 10:28 as i look. my current plan is to do the absolute worst things i can imagine for myself and pay little to no regard to humanity and even close friends. the trick is, that i’ve already started doing that, and you’ll notice if you skip backwards a few pay-periods of everything i’ve ever done… that you’d notice. teehee.

but to all you tricksters and magicians still kicking around out there… you can’t top this one. this isn’t a trick that took years. it’s a trick that took lives, and ya know it. don’t. sstop reading. matter-o-fact speaking is manipulation to what your most comfortable with. ease it in. sex joke. you listen to that with no reserve, they have you already. ready. no way to win. i can’t win. loser. sabotage. both sides now. all these things ya seen heard and learned. was it a trick? why is the timing so on point, ya cocksuckas!? 

the trick is, i’m really working for them. and for free.



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