don’t worry, be happy

so strange that i feel i’m becoming one with the creative power of the inhabitants of this planet. everything i say or do seems like it was predetermined and the things i’m about to do were said to have been done a long time ago. of course i’ve no fucking idea what that means! but what i do is everything that was said to be done by me. take a step back.

how do you think it feels if you were so convinced this was a place that required your introspectiveness to decide things, to make the decisions you would make and shit and realize that free will was a joke from the beginning. but free will isn’t a joke. it’s a maximum calculation that can deduct anything. everything. i may just be an instrument of your impending doom in the most civil manner, but don’t think i have no idea what it has in store for you. the universe is about balance and an unstable person like me has so much to be made up for. i don’t wish for your deaths. i really don’t. but… really, i never did. …it’s just you all asked for it. …

the shit part is, i’m going to be the only person that knows. because you’re all going away to some better place that i can’t go to. but i’ll say this in so much reverberated anger, i won’t be there. i need you all to have a really good time, without me.

…i really wanted to be just like you.


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