storms of lil jupiter

my universe, this universe has this unbelievable deadpan when it be dropping jokes left and right. just when you think you’ve found yourself some safe solid ground you dug yourself up to from, just when you take that deep breath of reprieve, bam! that’s fucking quicksand you’re rebuilding your life of understanding on! zing! not even a pity chuckle. yeah yeah, i know i could be writing dribble of heavenly wine and roses of life and reality, but let’s be honest. the proper human condition is completely tossing those good vibes away at the sight of the perpetual shit storm we’re so much more comfortable with, like the storms of jupiter, like you were enjoying your random night out with a stranger that made you feel like there was a chance you were still alive before the person you actually live with shows up. is that what living’s about? calms before storms, because that’s shit if your world sounds more like it’s about storms and waiting for calms. excuse me, i gotta take a pill that makes me normal real quick. next paragraph in 7 minutes.

Sooooooo i’m not a bigshot devil holding back, the rage of a thousand suns, i believe we said, for the cool wave of a creature being broken down and pushed to its limits. that’s good. only in the sense that I really didn’t want to think i was the incarnation of something so nefarious. it turns out, well, it feels more like a jesus thing. what’s the opposite equivalent  of rage and fury? fuuuuuuck you if you thought it was happiness and joy and rainbows outta my ass into a pot of gold like I thought it was. that ain’t what i’m holding back like the shit of 3 vietnamese rice burritos dowsed in hoison fighting its way through my small colon. digress, digress, you disgusting fuck! 

ok ok ok, it’s sorrow and melancholy. there it is. the real fuckin’ holy trinity. truth, way and path. it’s fuckin’; joy, rage, and the blues. 

you bet your sweet and sour little ass i can spin that into some fine silk and white satin. but like the universe oh so gracefully reminds you now and again, go fuck yourself, but remember this is my house. you put the you in universe don’t ya?

credit to gary oldiesVideos on youtube

With Pen in Hand, Vikki Carr.

…in case you were wondering, the sorrow of a thousand black suns is probably scarier than a thousand supernovas. you know, that void between the light and the dark that spares no one. everybody knows what goes on in heaven and hell but nobody knows what the fuck is up with the void.


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