okaaaaay, everyone’s had a chance to speak, nearly. from the ancient perspective, the boy clearly doesn’t know what the world about him is really about. you speak of thing ethereal and then to celebrate one’s actual existence, you talk in circles around the poor fellow. it isn’t that we can’t comprehend it, it’s more like, why does everyone else get a say except for us. we all can’t deny that he and his sort haven’t earned the merits of being able to speak their minds, but that their minds are complicated with confusion in morality, confusion in comprehension at different states, but that matter of fact is, they view themselves as poor creatures that need guidance from something bigger. not bigger in terms of size, but bigger in the sense that they have in themselves, which is very little. they’re like children. bullied enough, one must find alternatives to dealing with savage behaviors, one somehow finds it in serenity, however they can get it. go easy on us.


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