roses in the morning

aaaaaaaaand you’re dead. i loved you. i hated you. i love you.

i loved you at first, because that was for me. i hated you afterwards because loving you kept me from living my own life. now that you’re out i understand both loving and hating you helped to enrich my life for better or worse, so i love you unconditionally for that. the debt is paid, we’re forgiven. now go live, and if you ever see me again, gimme that smile and have a drink with me. i know i speak in riddles sometimes, we all do because we don’t understand the power of our words. mere words. everyone see’s what the sum of their words mean, sooner or later. and the very heaven and hell they really create.

don’t be so glum, you’re starting to get the hang of life, don’t quit now, silly goose! you’re doing fine. imagine if you never learned anything. where’d you be then? bad things happen, but they will be bad things for a long time until you learn from them. there will never be someone more hard on you but yourself.

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