the out crowd

when i was a kid, i wanted to meet and befriend only the cool and interesting people. they were always the ones that were outta this world. those types. now that i’m much older, i realized all the cool and interesting people were the ones that were neither cool nor interesting to begin with. the younger (now older) crowd still try to hang on to those strange and weird quirks they brandished, though, as much as i adore the strange and weird, they didn’t change much. Cool and interesting is something you grow into, and it’s rough edges are smoothed out. it’s beautiful. but peaking at a young age for cool and interesting, leaves little room to grow.

i was a cool and interesting kid. now i’m not. my balls dropped, i thought about the future, gotta iron shirts. I guess i developed my ego late, and it stuck with me. i gotta get drunk or high sometimes to lose my ego in order to feel like a kid again. what a shit deal.

if you got kids, make them grow up first. teach them to earn a childhood for a rainy day. because once they become adults in this world, the rain seems almost ceaseless even on a sunny day.

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