armageddon within

even in death there’s more to learn. i’ve died so many times, just in this life it’s almost ridiculous. but ridiculous is almost the only way anything catches my attention. i’m a sinful man, a naughty girl, but also virtuous and graceful. i’ve seen how my life works and how it doesn’t, but of course there’s another tricking. they say seeing is believing but seeing is the tricky skill to learn. it isn’t with your eyes. it ain’t with your heart. it’s just a simplified way to say understanding. that utilizes all your sensory organs, including the ones you don’t see. i know it sounds weird, but it also means using the strange gifts your science can’t fully explain. things like intuition. you have so many. but these are just words. understanding is beyond words, it’s beyond the speed of light. and it’s for everyone.

it’s a long ladder but how to climb it, is tricky. it’s your ladder, built in this world. it’s weird, love it, but you’re not as alone as you think you are sometimes. learn to be patient, please. i tell myself that all the time. but time isn’t real, and the more i learn the more i can understand how to undo it or lift the veil on it. understand it.

reach for that heaven, but when you get there, don’t let your guard down. the armageddon within is the first clue of many.

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