fine, feckwad

i hope i cando what i can to help the righteous or whatever they want to call themselves, win. i want they who are right to tower over the pettiness us, everyday humans, face. i really do hope the right of the universe is in balance.

and that the scum of it stays unscathed. the dirt of it is still as buried as it is now. the “light side” ends up telling you the truth.

…and thats the light side ain’t existent, without that dark. that those fuckers have been working together. recruitin. whatever. what do you call selling your soul to the jesus man? what do you call selling it to the horned man? to the good, to the bad? if this is their game and you’re sooooo intelligent, why?

..I’ve seen both their faces. and i promise you… neither of those faces are right.

someone ain’t telling the truth.


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