i fought demons, not my own, but they were in the party mix. i fought yours too, for your goddamn honor and ya relay that back to me like it was a bad badmitton match. i fought lions, through two city lengths! and a few dragons that didn’t want to know if they were on my side or yours. but to be fair, i didn’t have a side. i fought just to fight. when the tendrils are up against your thought, metaphorically, literally, or euphemistically, you wonder. you wonder what the hell you were fighting for. for honor, or some semblance of a type of honorability? that’s not a word. fuck it. fuck that word. what it does tell me, is that me, this poor old sapling of no importance fought for you. does it matter? does it matter in the real world. i honestly don’t know, and could not give more than a fucking concern. however, i did fight for you, and my concepts didn’t come to me about you not caringthat it did come to me correctly.

you don’t care if there’s a savior. you really don’t care about your situation. you don’t gve a fuck about the things happening to your friends because it isn’t happening to you. you feel free because they are not attached to you. rightfully. you give less of a fuck, if at all, if it just happens to people you know. around your bubble. satisfying, yes? i’d say so. i would so hard, say so. but, here’s the thing; your ass is suckered into it. i don’t know ow else to tell you this but, everyone you’ve ever wronged, been unkind to, and worse, are just attached to you as they you’ve been kind, generous, and self-less with.

we’re a leeching species and we attach ourselves not by will, but by disdain. disgust even. it will follow you like a long shadow in the dark and cold night. but we will be there. we are already dead, and we live. but the more you deny us, the more the ‘pangs’ will hurt. but we will be heard. Your only saving grace is that voice in the back of your feeble little mind that tells you, everyone is important.

on a side note, brauty is in the eye of the beholder. which means, to me, your perception is king. so yeah, you can win if your cold, cutting, and careless; but if you’re human, you cannot.

(personally, i know i can’t win. but this is a truth i learned only after dragging myself through the underworld and back to this unforgiving plane. the truth is, it’s up to them. the viewers of this sick and sad and sweetass show.)


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