wen the levee breaks

mark 30 good years being a nice guy. always held the door, always let you go ahead of me. even sold my soul for a tuna sandwich and gave half of it away. what happens when a chump like that collects? for our sake, i hope karma is a real thing. i will gladly share my bounty with you. but for my sake, i hope you enjoyed making your bed around me. because the thing is, i really am the most gentle man, and kindness was rare in it’s reciprocation. but i smiled. what happens when the most gentle man, holding back the anger of ten thousand suns snaps? when the levee breaks.

it feels like people have been waiting for me, like they’re tired of the nice guy routine. but it’s not a routine. i don’t know what it was. maybe a job. if karma is horsecockery, then it’s a non-paying job. maybe i took the job to keep others from taking it, being a kindly man. i guess i’m babbling, but i’m retiring soon.


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