stuck in the middle with you

martyr’s are silly gooses. dying for what one believes in and itself is a selfish act because it doesn’t include everyone. if the world is your enemy why alienate yourself further with a religion that excludes many. life itself is a religion and in that we are all together. i spent a majority of of conscious life trying to bind everyone together whether through a mutual belief or through a mutual pain, and what i found is simple. no one will be happy. everybody is much to stern on the things they believe than to be more like the one thing that binds us. even the things unseen. water, fluidity. the ability to be a simple river stream and that same ability to be a hurricane. if the word of god is in the wind, then it is ever changing for every individual. moral ethics is but another channel that restricts us. for example, i am kind, but in order for me to be kind to all i must include myself. and in this world where the world begins with each individual, you must serve yourself. like that dude jesus said, he  won’t help those who won’t help themselves. and that’s just the jumping off point. once you learn how to live your life without the expectation of being judged, then you are living. we keep scores on ourselves and we hurt when something happens that’s undeserved. everything is deserved, and your freewill dictates how deserved something is.

this life is a song, and all the little things and people in our lives both big and small are instruments and notes. it’s your song, so let it play for you, in all your awful glory.


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