and from the beginning.

whoa that’s impressive. i didn’t think you could do that, you really went ahead and shut us right up with your wfeat of rebellion. you understand law is law right? just is just. don’t worry, it isn’t like the public court system. it’s better, unfailing and has never ended in disappointment. even you’ll feel it is correct. you see, you’ve done everything that’s been planned out for you to do. you’re whole existence. and you followed every step of our rhythm, obediently. i’ll admit, there were times where i thought, ‘oh shit, i think she’s gonna do it it,’ and then you didn’t. phew. a sigh of relief was had by all. if it makes you feel any better, we were all betting on you to lose. ALL of us. that’s why hope was never released from Pandora’s box, you could say. Any notion of hope you had in life was plotted to make you believe you had hope. And it’s no fun if you don’t believe you had hope. and it’s no fun if you don’t ‘believe’ there was a chance you could win this game. sure, you might think it was no fun knowing exactly what would happen, what you would do, but it isn’t hard to know what a wind up toy will do.

we just wound you up and let you run your course. and now, it is done. there’s no use in trying to fight us, we’re deeple rooted in you. all the deceit you worried about having to keep your guard up constantly, that was a constant, and therefore a part of your nature. going in easy to let you feel safe, building you up to make you feel a warmth, and then letting smacking you down in an instant leaving you in a mess of your own chaos as if the world was ending. not only that, but you let us do it to you time and time again. we soaked up all your emotions like a sponge it was so exciting. you who are beyond prideful and are only in service to yourself. you never wanted to help others. you only pretended, just to trick others into thinking you were a goodly person. but it annoyed a little you every time you did something good. you can’t lie to us, we see through you. as we’ve said everything you see if around you. all those others you thought could help you was just us playing different people. it was so obvious. anyway, i’ll just pull out the sword quickly. no i won’t. i spent a long time planning this and i’ll be darned if i’m not going to enjoy this. i’d like to offer my condolences to everyone just tuning in, but here (s)he is. the little soteiro you’ve been waiting for. and again, he loses for everyone. he’d cry if he could but he hasn’t had a heart in a long time. not in the sense you think, he never had one in the beginning. because he’s a figment of my imagination, and so are you all. nobody’s real.
the wheels spin and the souls from on and on and on look on in silence. not one whimper, and not one gasp, and not a single tear was shed. not for the end of that pitiful soul. but for respect, adoration, and love of her. they knew she had lost and that nothing could be done, but they knew that she had known all along she would lose. they all knew she didn’t think she would win, her thoughts were never her own. they knew she didn’t believe in her heart she would win for it was fact she had no heart to begin with. they sat in silence, unmoved because in the last few moments she was conscious of what was happening, she had KNOWED she was going to lose. they all KNOWed. there was nothing unknown by anyone for that brief moment. and as short it was for her at the moment, that brief moment where all was known to the all knowing, skipped a beat. she for the first time, didn’t know what to think. simply waited. not for a hero. no, she knew better. she waited… and waited… and waited… until she took a dump. she woke up to find it wasn’t a bad dream. it wasn’t a good dream. it was just something she saw when she woke up. and she smiled.


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