the mountain and the reflection in the lake

i love to love but, gee, i’d sure hate to lose it when i got it. there hasn’t been enough emphasis on being neutral. and how very okay that is. those all about love new agers are setting the bar so high it’s unreasonable. cultic. how on earth do you send light and love to people? even jesus didn’t talk about love like that. one must first do the great work on oneself and understand what is light. more importantly, as it would often be brushed off, one must understand what the darkness is. just pretending it isn’t there, along with all the things that go bump in the night, don’t mean it ain’t there. if one so chooses they must fight the darkness with light, one must understand the enemy. that’s just common sense.

it isn’t about saving the world. gotta start by saving yourself first, but you must understand what you’re saving yourself from. only then, and if we all do our part, we can start saving the rest of this dump little by little. focus! as carl Jung once said, “no tree grows to heaven without having roots that reach hell.”


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