political correctness is a f*cking joke, ya f*cking pus*y

if i got a chance to show you how i feel, i wouldn’t. it’s not even something i would wish upon enemies had i any. isn’t that neat though? how one individual’s feeling could mean the world to someone. and i say that ambiguously because what if one person’s feelings were actually the world to that person? what if those feelings were of nothing but pure love. and then what if they get shot down? boom, that’s  whole universe, murdered. what if you should just be kind, asshole? i grazed across a verse in the bible once that said, “be kind to them suckas ’round you, give ’em a smile, mofo. ’cause you don’t even know, some of my boys be pretending to look like you fools.” -yes i paraphrased, but some of you will know that as hebrews 13:2

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