mere words

there’s something magnificent about giving up. with no bounds to regret. it takes you somewhere. there, ain’t no one got standards held up against you. there, ain’t no one fit to judge you. it’s just you. and there, right there is where you discover that balance in your life that you’ve been looking for. oh right, you gotta admit you’ve been looking for that balance, not just a good ride, ’cause there’s always a line. An entire universe in you- a place within its infinite vastness, a tiny spot without fear of judgement, without fear of failure. what is that stuff anyway? we didn’t buy it, we never did.

From this little spot, this little place in us, anything could happen. well, better to say anything will happen. shit, even death is welcome, my old friend. but hey, from here, you get the bigger picture- ain’t no one more cruel to you than yourself.

it’s a one sided fight with only one winner. and sometimes the only move to make is to not make a move. it’s like a forfeiture but also not. you can’t lose and they can’t win. with cards already stacked against you, it’s your best move. and who knows? some asshole may just stumble in and disrupt the game. anything’ll happen.

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