mere words

but we know instinctively in a universe with a god that this cannot be the fucking plan he had for us. but because of the wide net he castes among the universe, we must believe in the possibility that there is a god that gives a single flying fuck. because we are devout, we lock ourselves into the same old patterns and wait and wait and wait for some savior to save us only to realize we must save ourselves ’cause there ain’t no one coming. like that clash song goes, “only a fool would think someone would save them.” THEN the jesus folk come in saying ‘he won’t help them who won’t help themselves.’ BUT. but the true dilemma here is whether or not one has awaited the end of the life, like a song, or had gotten too impatient and wearily changed the track. i’m not religious, babe. but i do try, out of my darndest to give god the benifit of the doubt. everytime. but now i’m wondering if i should keep one eye open. i wouldn’t say i’m full of hate right now, but that i’m more full of vengeance at the moment. unfortunately more like the joker than the batman. then again, what’s unfortunate is the situation. and if justice is blind, then i must guide it.
[this is from a drunken dm that i’m going to post now, drunkenly.] (i’m annoyed with commas, always have been because i thought they would help with inflections, but all in all they are mere words, able to be interpreted in multiple ways, like that last text you sent to that dude or chick) =)

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