boondock saints

i need advice. my pops is in an immigration jail. they’ve held him since august. they won’t let him out because of something he did 26 years ago, of which, he’d already been reprimanded. but the jail won’t release him because the country of which he would be deported to won’t accept him. but the jail won’t let him out because he was a danger to society 26 years ago. so they’re just gonna hold him. i can not see where any of that is legal whether in the court of law or even humanity, so wtf? on top of that, i have to go to jail in january, myself because i’m poor. i know, i know, i’m venting right now, and there’s nothing i can do but sit here and take it.

now is it wrong for me to sit here and take it? or should i kick some fuckin’ ass? i mean, if they’re gonna treat me and my pops like criminals, we might as well give them a reason to, right? boondock saints style. what’s the worst that can happen? i go to jail? well, fuck me! anyway, i hope you all have a nice thanksgiving. there’s something so wrong with justice in this country, and i’m so tired. others will join me because it hasn’t happened to them yet. if every judge spent a single day incarcerated, things would be different. why hasn’t that been a prerequisite within the steps to becoming a judge? they have no idea how many lives they smacked away with the wistful flick of the gavel. (of which, i’m disappointed because i didn’t even hear a gavel.) put me on a watchlist, mr. prez and prez to be. i know violence isn’t the answer, so i’m gonna use my american highschool educated brain, which doesn’t sound like much, i know, but they say necessity is the mother of invention.

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