chicken or the egg

i live in a strange world. universe even. but i’ve never seen it and seeing is believing. to be honest, i haven’t seen the world either so i’m not exactly sure that’s real either. there is talk about the world being in a simulation and there isn’t enough data to prove that wrong. nor prove it right. but that trickles over not unlike the world’s greatest mysteries. or universe. is there a god-creator? is the world really flat? are there people with power running the show? does the tree make a sound when it falls? is there a tree if you don’t see it? nobody knows.

my biggest problem is me. specifically with belief. everybody has beliefs whether it’s of things you can’t see but feel, with ideas over actions, even actions over beliefs. people i know have those set in stone almost. i admire that. to look at something and truly believe what they think of it to be true. it looks so easy. you’re the most important person in your universe and that actually seems correct, but false at the same time. the universe has coerced me into believing that same. that i’m important. that i’m meant to be alive. but i don’t believe in anything though i wield the curiosity. like a dildo. waving and flopping it around everywhere. sure i’ve got my own penis, but it’s just funnier with a symbol of it. an idol. i’m the most important person in my world and i’m jiggling a dildo around at the dmv and no one’s called security. my biggest problem is me, and i can’t seem to ever take myself seriously again. if i am the embodiment of my life in it’s physical form, then the act of taking in the sweet things in my life comes just as strangely as taking in the salty things. in this case, salt came first. but if you ask me whether the chicken or the egg came first; i’d ask you what’s a chicken and what’s an egg? they’re both delicious.

keep the chicken for the eggs, the eggs are where you need engineering. ideas and beliefs are more like eggs than it is a chicken. the chicken is backup.

that said, the egg came first. chicken’s aren’t the only things that lay eggs.

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