everyone’s ‘wakin’ up’, but i just wanna take a nap

it’s funny. the hive consciousness. it’s like i know things in advance now before they happen. of course it’s already happened. for instance, the movie the invasion. See, I’ve always had a crush on nicole kidman, seen all her work, however, that movie never existed. to me. maybe something’s in the water. my memory is failing. I’ve always feared alzheimers. i guess the scary part is that what is, is, but my memory has seldom been wrong. i’m no nikola tesla, but i do remember everything. so, how does one determine who is right? everything through digital media now? or what i vividly remember? everything i see and hear, speaks to me. it’s funny. scary. and sad.

do I, accept it? or do i fight? what is the point in rebellion? i just want to be like everybody else.

“Do you think he knows…?”
“Do you think he knows?”
“Do you think he knows??”
“Do you think he knows?”

I heard that, behind my back.

don’t eat. don’t drink. you see and feel it too don’t you? coincidences becoming more frequent? feeling like you’re in the right place at the right time more often than usual? intuition rebel. am i the only one? everyone’s caught a cold except me?

i think it’d be a cool story, this. if i was lucifer and everyone else got bit by a jesus bug, easter eggs, spacemushroomspores, whatetcs, and i was the only on that wasn’t susceptible to this? of course, i’m not a scripture guy. i like doctor who type scifi. I’m about to watch, “a good man goes to war.”6.7

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