my friends, family

i love you guys so very much. the best and worst things to ever happened to me haha. but in the end, my troubles couldn’t be shared. they were lonesome times. these posts were written in advance. i don’t know where i am now, but i assume its in a dark place. and i am not with you. you’re all in a different place. and i am where i feared most to be, without you. even though i was already there as i write this. well. strange shit happened, i’m not who i thought i was. sort of a half breed. i dunno. the world is your oyster, but that oyster is fixed. patterns, numbers, lights, the world is 2 dimensional. spatial awareness is an illusion and gives the effect of 3d. it’s actually built into our eyeballs. information isn’t real. its data accumulated and this is the dump. once you learn to see that, you’ll see the world, along with those invisible things. those weird feelings you get, coincidences, all that weird shit we’re relying on science for. but science is a method of deduction. not an authority. you are the authority. you decide. once you start to notice the “glitches” the first thing you’ll do is say,’weird, coincidence,’ do it enough times and you’ll start to look like you’re full of shit. “1 in a million?” “so you’re saying there’s a chance…” how bad do the odds have to look before you can decide for yourself an improbability is not an impossibility.

where is the love, i often wondered. it’s all around me. always. it just was never within. i’m a donut hole. now, go get em.


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