everyone’s special, not everyone matters

i like how your canines kinda pop out and make you look like a sort of gremlin or demon or something but you are so innocent and kind. now, i’m tipsy while writing this but, if i was the king of the universe i would let you go about the universe just to explore the outer limits of what your heart can encapsulate. no moral prerequisites. just go and be. but i would also know that if i was capable of doing so, i’d have done so for myself. but i didn’t. if ever there WERE a king to the universe, he would have been the first person to be locked up in prison.

perhaps we are all avatars of our truer selves. just waiting to die, but smart enough not to waste time, not delaying the inevitable, but to optimize our singular solitary existence. to make it matter. which is an inherent attribute of anything that was ever alive. we sought not to exist, but to matter. we feel futility in existence when we believe there is no greater force looking out for us. even existence itself is questioned. this being, this concept is SO powerful that it can invoke emotions within us that dart to the left and right, as we’re about to die. this thought. this idea. this concept. but it is built into us, ain’t it?

you may joke about the perils of conditioning all you want, but this train of thought always prevails. history dictates. it is instinct. it is instinctual that we believe there exists something more than us. and as selfish as we can all be, not one of us can ever say that God or the belief of, didn’t believe in us. don’t agree? answer me this; what have you done to make your world a better place? i don’t mean environmentally or fuckin seals and polar bears, but in your world. if you’ve done nothing, then why would anyone give two fucks about helping you? i will never tell you to count your blessings, but i will ask you to consider them.

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