lune de septembre

fluorescent september moonlite
dripping midnight at the seams
as cold lonesome air weeps
upon petals asleep
retired birds to crickets aroused
slaps, smacks and shrieks
into timid 

prison bars of content
dissolve slow from acid
within, escape
in plain sight

forge new regimens
in the morning
for the last time

He was right. The soul resides in the stomach. Think of it this way; when the stomach is full, it’s full of shit.Everything you care about is cared about half-assed. But when it’s empty, it feels the misery, hopelessness and despair of all things. It doesn’t stop there.
It acts upon neuropathways in developing habitual comforts. It releases dopamine in the sense that makes you feel comfortable, like ocd patient perpendicularly preparing pencils. It seems to suck in the misery, hopelessness and despair, and somehow imprisons these feelings. It becomes bacteria easily spread to those around you.

Starve them. Eat while unbearably sad. I’m aware it sounds preposterous, so take this as fine print. It hurts that internal festering agony too; and as you starve them, you starve yourself too. Empty stomach. Of course, you really start feeling the pangs of hunger after about 4 days as an average american eater, so hydrate. After my second day, I found myself both doing and enjoying things I’ve never thought about. Something different. Anything different. Those little habitualisms we found comfort in. Patterns.



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