thursday’s child

i checked my horoscope today. i don’t recall whether that was done in the name of fun or not. I just read a thing that said my and everyone elses nights will be easier when the moon is least close to full. a quarter or less and they can’t touch you without looking stupid. wraiths and regrets surround us at every stage of breath, and only wait for that tiny heart of yours to jump. you’ve felt it. when it feels like your heart missed a beat. you think it’s because you accidentally¬†held your breath. maybe you didn’t realize why you were holding your breath. did you ever remember feeling your own heartbeat before now? cool, huh? it’s like a gulp of fresh air. sometimes i feel like i’m dreaming this stuff and it’s simply a product of my overactive imagination. but sometimes, it feels like i’m not the only one to feel like this. as if others may feel this way too. but i don’t know. i want to move, to act but it looks like nobody gives a fuck if i actually try to save the world. so, who cares? enjoy what you got now. you don’t have a choice.

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