sun and moon

try hard enough and maybe you’ll become immortal. you’ll die of course, it’s a guarantee. but your memory will live on. maybe in your children, but give them a few generations, and you’re forgotten like last wednesday’s lunch. maybe in the art you create, but given that there’s so much bullshit out there these days disguised as art, the lottery may be a better bet because you’re at least living in the moment in this game o’ life.

as far as being a good person, there’s very little to distinguish that from the difference from being a bad person. any reward or consequence will happen regardless; perspective is a magical thing. and as for karma – you’re basically placing all your money on a bet that you’ll be rewarded in the next life. belief is a magical thing.

i’ve played the pessimist and i’ve played the optimist. played the surrealist and played the realist. i’ve played many, many more. but in my research, i’ve found that i still can’t conform to the idea that chaos rules. i believe in controlled chaos. madness can be both weapon and tool. i suppose i believe in order as much as i believe in chaos. but i don’t believe any one person has the right to dictate what i choose. even if they’re huddled in masses reverberating the same broken record of an idea.

i’m law-abiding, but i will not hesitate when the perfect crime presents itself. not because it’s wrong and i want to stick it to the man or anything so mislead, but because i’m allowed to. the time to turn the other cheek had come and gone and got poor reviews, in my view. everyone seems to agree, not with what they say, but with their actions. slap back, baby. it’s only fair.


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