cello is best.

as much as we laugh and promote the appreciation of little things in life, there’s some real stupid shit out there. we even try hard to be kind. some days, we feel like our kindness is absolutely overcompensating for our anger, and it’s like there’s this pool of rage we’re floating above, and it’ll take very little to get us to sink into it. is tolerance a coping mech or is it a chore? hope one day, it’ll cease being a word and graduate into instincts.

though today i wave my right for civility. i’m angry and i’m trying to control my anger through the medium of writing into this silly little log. but it’s sort of working. no heads will be severed from their torsos today.
you know how people pray to the heavens and stars and anything else for shit they want? i do that to. anybody that prays wants something, and i suppose that’s close enough to forgetting the point as forgetting the point can go. (i’m a maitreya, but i’m whispering it.) sometimes, i pray and ask the universe questions too. i ask if this place is a joke. all the signs are there. occam’s razor.

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