coyote ugly

I had a dream, a lucid one. i was trying to get to this party up the hill. but it seemed like i lived up a countryside, greenery, squirrels and a shaky road. but all of a sudden a coyote comes roaring and growling at me. i had a brass shield polished to look like gold but it was brass. the coyote surrounded me and continued to spit things i couldn’t understand. i pulled the shield in close so i could stab it. apparently, i had a knife long enough to be a sword. i stabbed it.

the coyote relented little and continued it’s foamy growl around me. “leave me alone, i just want to party,” i remember thinking as i shielded her off. the wound i inflicted did nothing and i was going to to be late. i decided to continue up the hill, shielding myself. i don’t hate coyotes, in fact i kind of admire them, but this one was annoying the fuckin’ shit out of me. halfway up the hill, i see another coyote. but this one was different.

this one was on two front legs, dragging it’s body across the road. upon close inspection, i realized this one was half red. in blood. it had been hit by a car it seemed and the red was the drying blood on its own fur. i realized the first coyote wasn’t trying to kill me, i felt bad about stabbing it earlier, but it was trying to ask for help in a frenzied state. not for itself, clearly, but for her friend. i put my sword away, which seemed to shrink into nothingness and released the grip of my shield. “shhh, i know, i know. chilloooooout, girl, i’m gonna get you outta here.” i said. afraid of rabies, i worked wearily by her fangs. a fat fellow came to me and asked me what was going on. i told him the truth and he called animal control. this made me angry for some reason. “they would just put her down, along with her friend.” but i couldn’t kill this fat fellow.

i felt lost. and i didn’t want the coyotes to die, even though i stabbed one. but that was when i thought it was coming for me. but any creature that exerts the kind of love to care for another, is sentient and, i believe, has a soul. i have no right. i tried to stall, saying, “it’s okay, i’ll just keep them here, to the side of the road” but the one coyote kept getting out and growling at the fat fellow. he wore a shirt i used to own. got it from target, i thought. but i had to pick up my brass shield to shield this asshole but i did not un-sheath my sword. “think! before animal control gets here! these girls are dead once they do!”

all of a sudden, a bloodhound-beagle, a bleagle?, came. it mounted the dying coyote. went at it. i didn’t stop it, it was like a final conjugal visit. but the coyote stood up on all fours after. then the bleagle mounted the other one. “think of the hunting and smelling the kids can do afterwards!” i thought to myself. the bleagle fucked the coyote girls back to life, licked my hand and took off into the hills. i looked at the fat fellow still on his.cellphone and when our eyes locked, i ran back down the hill. i no longer cared about the party. it was only 7:18 a.m.

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