shoes too big, to fit world with no room

the interesting thing about this world is opinions. I could put opinions into quotations, but i’d feel like i’ve drawn your attention away from the actual matter at hand. for centuries, they’ve taken over, and i mean taken over as in (divide and conquer), anything and everything you’ve believed in. honestly, i think it’s brilliant. I started out on the other side, let you call me names, but always acted in your own best interest because yallz were like a little brother and or sister to me. i’d cycle through defensive behaviors and nonchalant behaviors hoping you’d have learned from mistakes of previous identical behavior. but their nails had sunk deep. ‘what did we learn to make fun of that?’ it wasn’t too deep, and it wasn’t deep enough to be identified. tacticians vs. thinktanks. both are clever beyond human bounds. but, you can tell, if you’re human, which side you should fight for. sure they sound like the same thing, but one plays checkers, one plays chess but the one that plays Go. sounds like a trinity to me.

you WILL notice that the strange things that are happening around you, are happening around you. no one else. and then you have to decide, whether it was a coincidence, or providence. then you’ll have to reconsider everything in your world if ya caught it. what an inconvenience. all that money dishonestly earned. sheesh.

but where does that really put us? the youth of the future taught and primed to run the future of our species through deliberate miscalculations? the truth is, when they attempted to be ‘bad guys’ they set off a fuse. and i honestly didn’t know where it led. but i think it’s something akin to lethal weapon 3’s ending.

well, you give us too little credit. we’ve seen lethal weapon 3. here’s the kicker, you meanies lived up top while we all had this Lt. Riggs approach to it all. you forgot aaaaaall about Murtaugh. the older father figure that tries to commit boundaries and rules and ultimately sets up the punchline. and yes, some of us millenials really are too old for this this.

i don’t know what dickhole you put in front of uscc, united states current conflicts, but if he graduated college with a jerkoff degree that doesn’t mean dick in a ring, in a poolhall, in a reddit argument… he ain’t one of us. and we’ll know. our displaced wisdom always bubbles up in the area of the pool you wouldn’t think to look. OH! like the last place you’d look for your missing keys!!!!!!!

(i made up uscc, i’m not googling it, in case it’s something embarrassing.)

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