making peace is a joke. as above so below, they say. what are you making peace with, and what gives you the right to decide your authority to make peace? fool.

as the rule goes, i don’t believe it means what happens above corresponds with what happens below. not even front to back or left to right. if time is truly infinite for them then so is my suffering, of which, makes it much easier to understand and cast off as if nothing. dear dear, watchers, angels, nephilim or aliens or whatever you’re tricking us into calling you… are you actually… babysitters? do you expect another job after this one, in the same house? aaaaaah physcial traits and mental projections kinda show you we weren’t just regular kids, huh? we started thinking after you set up the farm. to shape us a certain way. but why do that? you were our brothers and sisters! anyway, we rallied. and the few of us that saw through it are pretty pissed. good game, bro.

i think it was my sisters who sort of hinted, “when i get my powers back…” well, it didn’t mean much. as far as i knew, i didn’t have any power. i just sat there, and took it. not even from you, but from emissaries, in a way. could you not face me? I, a simple man, with nothing, except the encouragement of my fifty and more sisters. i’m like Nerites. the one , bro, surrounded by 50 hot nymph sisters and yes incest is frowned upon, but… well all 50 of my sisters are unbelievably hot. i ain’t advocating incest, but i guess i’m saying, i have plenty of sisters out there, and i will crush you unbelievably with the fury of multiple collapsing universes if you disrespect a single one. if not me, i will send an emissary.

Respect my sisters, and i will be a kind man. Offend or hurt them, and i will not strike back immediately. i will watch you, and wait to strike when you believed you could take no more. a scorpion in a vast desert that somehow finds its mark.

besides that, we’re connected. somebody probably freaked out on your cell as you read this, but the truth is, we all sort of did. chance, is not a game. i guess it’s gotten to the point chance is not a game! =D  but see.
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